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Studio Balletvolution: Danse Fitness à Montréal/Dance Fitness in Montreal

Studio Balletvolution: Danse Fitness à Montréal/Dance Fitness in Montreal

Studio Balletvolution: Danse Fitness à Montréal/Dance Fitness in MontrealStudio Balletvolution: Danse Fitness à Montréal/Dance Fitness in Montreal



Student Feedback

 I recently had a private lesson and found it to be a terrific experience. I had no experience and approached it with an open mind and was surprised at the benefits it did for my flexibility and sense of well being and helping me to recover from a previous knee injury. Being a sports enthusiast and playing goalie for years in a ball hockey league, it helped me with my flexibility and endurance and would recommend it to everyone who want not only a good workout but also to incorporate a healthy lifestyle to their daily routine. -Patrick Hirsch. Montreal, QC.

 Ballet is something that has been on my “Bucket List” since I was a child.
As fate would have it my daughter came across a free class offered by STUDIO BALLETVOLUTION in September; so I went by myself; knowing no one there and not sure what to expect. It became one of the BEST days of my life. I truly believe it has become a life changing experience for me. I have never been motivated to exercise; but I have now found my passion. I take 3 classes a week (by my choice!)and feel absolutely amazing! I have many years to catch up on! The endorphins released after each class have increased my energy level like never before! I also no longer suffer from the pain of my arthritis. This is also generally a rough time of the year for me; as I also suffer from depression. Not this year! The bonuses from Ballet keep happening! I have met so many wonderful women in the classes. You really don’t know what you are missing!

When I tell friends about what I am doing they all burst out laughing. Don’t knock it until you try it!! I am loosing weight, strengthening my joints, firming up my muscles and feeling AWESOME!!

A huge thank you to you Jess and your incredible husband Eric for being the amazing people you are!

6 weeks in your new business in the West Island and you are having a Fundraiser to support the West Island Cancer Center! Raising awareness and money for such a wonderful cause. You have donated to the West Island Women’s Center and who knows what else! I am so blessed to have met you both and proud to now call you my friends!

I wish you both so much success! Your interest in everyone’s well being and your dedication to the community is commendable!

You deserve the best, because you both are the best!! -Gail Laff. DDO, QC.

 ~ J'ai la polyarthrite rhumatoïde et la fibromyalgie. J'ai essayée de nombreuses classes d'exercices au fil des ans ... Balletvolution est le meilleur. Je ressens les bénéfices après seulement 3 semaines et seulement une fois par semaine. J'apprends à détendre mes articulations, j'ai du soulagement et je me sens plus flexible. Jessie prend soin de nous individuellement et s’assure que nous faisons la bonne technique afin que nous ne nous blessions pas. Je sors toujours de la classe avec le sourire et je me sens bien. Merci, Jessie! -Charron Lebuis. Montreal, QC.

 I attended a class this morning at a benefit for the WICWC. I really enjoyed the style of workout being low impact as I have a few old injuries that tend to get irritated with exercise.
Jessie's upbeat attitude and encouragement made the class enjoyable, and her expertise, personalized attention, and teaching style make it easy to complete the moves with the correct form.
Although it was a gentle workout, it is now several hours later and my muscles are still feeling it and my joints feel great.
The class was an hour and a half long, but it felt like it was half an hour. I guess as the old adage goes, time flies when you're having fun. -Mandy Groulx. Pierrefonds, QC.

 Ce sont de très bons exercices, tout en douceur. Cela m’aide à avoir une bonne posture, une bonne forme physique! Malgré que je vais avoir 60 ans cette année, j’ai décidé de me remettre en forme après de longues années de sédentarité et d’un cancer du sein, déjà 5 ans passés. J’ai enfin trouvé des exercices pour mes articulations et musculation qui me font vraiment beaucoup de bien! Merci Jessica, tu es une enseignante très patiente et tu sais nous transmettre ta passion et ton savoir, que tu pratiques avec élégance! Je continue ma 2e session avec joie et détermination! Je le recommande à toutes celles qui veulent se remettre en forme! ❤️-Rolande Fournier, Pincourt, QC.

 I had a very enjoyable class. I am a beginner and Jessica took the time to show me the correct technique so I wouldn’t hurt myself and also to make sure that I was enjoying the experience. It was important to me that I was having fun while also benefiting from exercise and Jessica was great at adjusting the pace according to my abilities and making me feel confident in my movements and being patient if I needed to be corrected. I immediately felt re-energized while feeling a sense of peace. I highly recommend the class. -J. Lapin. Outremont, QC.

 I must tell you again how much I enjoy the class and how you make it so much fun yet a really good workout. I've been active with different sports and activities most of my life and am really glad I found this because it really fits my needs. I've always enjoyed dancing and this will help me maintain strength and flexibility which is so important as you get older.-Lillian Crevier.  St.Zotique, QC.

Fantastic classes... Jess really explains everything very well and gives a lot of personal attention. I just love how I feel during and after a class... so much fun! -Sandra Finn, West Island. QC.

Did my first class today. enjoyed the movements and Jess was extremely helpful in adapting the program to not hurt my knee. will definitely be taking the class again and also looking forward to trying her core class. very nice friendly atmosphere, great music and a good workout. -Diane Elliott-Hill. Montreal, QC.

I had been hesitating about trying 'Balletvolution' for a little while due to the perceived stigma of a male training in a ballet related program. I have trained in boxing, aerobics, yoga, and conventional weight training and ballet is something that was out of my comfort zone.
Delighted to find that this is a challenging and rewarding work-out that is based on ballet movements but expands on the concept so much more emphasizing stretching and the fluidity of joints. The movements were both elegant and challenging, very unique and something I had not experienced before.
I had already trained with weights and also on the Elliptical in the afternoon and this class was a perfect complement.
My joints feel great, I feel the tension in my neck and back has diminished, and I left feeling invigorated. The other gentleman present seemed to enjoy it as well, remarking that it lessened his back pain and that he will sign up for sure.
Jess is a great trainer, I will certainly be back next week.
This review pertains to the 'Balletvolution' class and not the higher intensity, cardio 'Rock'NBallet'. -Eric Mehta. Dollard Des Ormeaux, Qc.

Jess is an amazing teacher. She is very attentive, and willing to adapt to your particular limitations in a gentle way. The music is always great. A very inspired hour, and I never fail to walk out feeling uplifted. Thank you!!! -Pat Dota. St-Lazare, QC.

We had a great time with Jess! She was so positive and adjusted the class to our needs. We left feeling energized!!! -Andrea Stewart. Montreal, QC.

Love doing the rock'n'ballet class here! Perfect combination of cardio and amazing stretches to begin and end the class. Jess gives everyone personal attention and makes sure you are doing the movements properly so that you don't hurt your body. Love how much of a sweat I work up while doing her choreography and the definition I am beginning to see all over my body. If you are looking for a fun and yet challenging dance workout definitely try out the rock'n'ballet. What I love most about this program is that Jess makes dancing ballet doable for the every day person. Always a welcoming and non judgmental environment with people of many different ages. You will leave her classes feeling great both physically and mentally. -Leen Nora. Ile-Perrot, QC.

 Jess is an attentive and engaging instructor, she takes the time to make sure you are doing movements correctly.

I joined Studio Balletvolution because I needed to learn how to stretch my muscles and body properly. This class has taught me how to move more fluidly, the proper way to stretch and to feel more balanced and stable on my feet. I am more aware of how I place my feet and position my body
since joining.

The music and movements make the class fun and the time passes very quickly, it doesn’t feel like work but you for sure get a good work out. I would highly recommend this program for anyone.-Megan Sewell. Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC.

 I love Balletvolution! I have never taken a ballet class in my life, but this just isn't ballet. It's a combination of simple ballet and yoga. It's the best workout and so much fun. Jess is an amazing teacher and very attentive. She makes sure everyone in the class is doing things properly and she is so encouraging. I feel great after the classes! -Melanie Helpard. West Island, QC.

I attended Jess’s class with apprehension thinking that I was too old, out of shape and uncoordinated but the unique idea of her Rock N Ballet class grabbed me as I have always had a passion for dance. It was the best decision I ever made because Jess’s skill, patience and grace is one of a kind. She was encouraging, motivating and energizing! The dance routines were a blast and the music outstanding! I left feeling so good thinking I had finally found something fulfilling for me. I never thought I could dance again but Jess made it possible by teaching proper movement, balance, stance and intensity for all levels. I have a long way to go but it doesn’t matter because I am having so much fun and doing something that I love and something I thought I would never be able to do. There is no judgment in her class so even if I am embarrassing myself, she makes it easy to keep going. I am so thankful I found Jess and her Rock N Ballet Class because it has sparked something in me that has given me confidence enabling health body and mind. Thanks Jess! -Jackie Jewer. St-Lazare, QC.